Monday, May 01, 2006

Boston in the springtime

This weekend I flew up to Boston for my brother’s engagement party. Aside from some minor lodging and travel annoyances it was a great time.

I was good to see Jason and Katherine again. I also got to a chance to meet Katherine’s parents, her sister and brother in law and catch up with a couple of Jason’s long time friends.

Outside the party it was up to me and my parents to entertain ourselves which we were able to do quite nicely. Friday night we saw Jeff Dunham at one of the local comedy clubs and my father and I were able to catch a showing of Wicked. Both of which were very good.

The Boston weather was perfect (if a little chilly for a Charlottean) and flowers were in bloom. It was nice to be able to walk everywhere again. For all its conveniences living in the suburbs sometimes kind of sucks.

Congratulations to Jason and Katherine!