Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

This year Memorial Day seems a bit more poignant for me than usual. I think it's due to a combination of the touching stories I'd been reading, hearing, or seeing about the bravery and sacrifices our soldiers have been making the past couple of days with as I become gradually more convinced that the rational for the war was exaggerated and our prospects for clear positive results become more tenuous.

It wasn't long ago that I thought there was a good chance we could build a free and peaceful Iraq. While I still think that's an attainable goal it's becoming clear it will take much longer and cost much more than many could have imagined at the outset.

Shortly after the end of the war a friend of mine voiced his opinion that the insurgents could only hang on so long. There were only so many explosives they could get a hold of and only a limited number of people inclined towards violence. I said I hoped he was right, but somehow the Palestinians seemed to be able to find plenty of both after years and years in a much smaller geographic area under much tighter military security, there was no guarantee it would end soon.

Unfortunately I was right.

Let's all take time today to honor the memory of our troops today. I hope we can get a handle on this thing and bring them home soon.


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